Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dawson's Creek

April 21, 9:57pm.

I got home just a few minutes ago. Now, I’m sitting here on the couch in my neighbor’s apartment. Within the past few minutes, my neighbor, “V,” came over in a panic explaining that she had to run to Seattle to pick up someone who was having an emergency. She didn’t go into the details, but she was very upset. So, she needed a babysitter, and that’s why I’m sitting on her couch with my laptop, for some reason unable to get an IP address from my router. It’s 10:02 now, and I don’t really have anything else to do. Her daughter is already asleep, so I guess that’s what my next step is. I’m just tired enough that I may actually be able to get to sleep at a couple minutes past 10.

Cute girl, parent out of the house, sleeping over… it’s like Dawson’s Creek or something.

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Derrick Stolee said...

you're kind of creepy

that's why we love you