Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Tonight is a night for accomplishment. Tonight I will forget about the hideous backlog of work I have in the office, and get things done at home. I have ordered a pizza... haven't done that in a year. School is almost out... my work schedule's a little off; it's a couple months before I get a break. Then I'll take a short vacation or something like that.

But tonight... tonight I will tabulate survey responses. I might not even start World of Warcraft. But maybe I'll take a short break somewhere in there. :)


Kerjo said...

Short break means ~5 hours disappearing, eh?

Travis said...

Nope... I haven't even started the game today. (This has happened only one or two other times since starting.)

I'm going to go to bed early. I'm really, really tired.

Kerjo said...

Would those one or two other times happen to be days that your server was down?

How was going through the results?

Travis said...

I think that each time the server was down, I got to play a half hour or hour later; I don't think I ever gave up on it.

There are still many, many hours of survey tallying left to go.