Thursday, March 24, 2005

Somehow, another faucet post

This post is about faucets in general. Why do bathroom faucets with two knobs still exist? Haven't those been obsolete for decades? Put soap on hands. Turn knobs. Knobs are soapy. Rince hands. Hands are clean. Turn knobs. Hands are now soapy. The only really effective way to use them is to turn the water on before soaping up, which is wasteful.

Somehow, somewhere, there must be a market for this product. Who buys these things? People who forget when they're at Home Depot that those faucets suck-suck-suck-suck. Then they get home, and then they install it, and, oh crap, this thing sucks! But, they've already installed it, so they're just going to live with it for a decade. By the end of the decade, they've grown accustomed to how much their bathroom sink fixture sucks.


Andy Misle said...

I couldn't agree more.

But you have to keep in mind that many times a single-handled faucet will not fill any or all of the holes left by a double-handled model. That's why Home Depot and others still carry double-handled models, for the most part; the other reason is that a small group of people just plain like this style or functionality better (for reasons that are beyond how our generation thinks).

Mainly, though, if you see a double-handled faucet these days, it's due to the age of the dwelling... No reason to replace the whole fixture if you can just replace the faucet.

Travis said...

Ah, cool. Thanks, Mr. Vila.

Andy Misle said...

¡El placer es todo mío!

(NB: Bob Vila speaks Spanish; watch a Sears commercial on Univision sometime and see for yourself. And yes, I just made this post to note that fact.)