Thursday, March 10, 2005

Review day

Today I got my less-than-stern talking-to from my manager regarding my mid-year performance review. Things went pleasantly, as I was hoping and expecting. I was somewhat worried about being compared alongside the people on my team who put in more than 80 hours a week. But, now I think that my manager sees those people as some combination of bad time management, bad stress management, or just plain not efficient, which I guess is peachy for me. I was lauded on my professionalism, which is mildly humorous considering I'm the only person on my team (as far as I know) who's gotten a sexual harassment warning, who keeps his office stocked with games, used the "whenever you masturbate, God kills a kitten" picture in a presentation to management, and really doesn't take anything seriously unless he absolutely has to. But, he was referring to the way I manage my tasks and the quality of work I put out, which I guess I can't disagree with. Go me!

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Andy Misle said...

I'll bite: what was your sexual harassment warning for?