Thursday, March 17, 2005


"Please tell me that someone’s not about to do a shot of Diet Snapple."
That's how wild it can get in my apartment on Friday nights.

“Well, I’ll use the new hat for the stats, but I’m so keeping this one for when I go clubbing.”
If you had a purple hat in Warcraft, you'd understand.

And, after knocking over a full can of Diet Coke but picking it up so quickly that only an ounce spilled:
Mike: That was… impressive.
Me: Thanks! I excel at controlled failure.
Noel: Hmmm… dev?


Travis said...

"Dev" is short for "developer," as in "coder" or "programmer."

Swid said...

The two Design Studio projects we were on gave us advanced degrees in "controlled failure". :-)

stack said...


Travis said...

Yes, by now you have discovered my devious and ingenious plan to increase readership of my blog by 200% in the foot-fetishist demographic by the end of H1 of FY06.