Sunday, March 27, 2005

Potluck in Azeroth

I was thinking this afternoon about what a World of Warcraft potluck would be like. Every time someone would show up with a dish containing beef, all of the Tauren players would turn against them. Each table would have the name of a different game location, and all of the Alliance players would be on one side and the Horde on the other. Except, of course, for the rogues sneaking around. They'd pretend that they were invisible, but they're really just be crouching down and making some bad imitation of the "I'm invisible" noise. Then you'd be getting your food and someone wearing an undead rogue costume stabs you in the right kidney with a fork. After about three minutes people would start taking their clothes off and dancing on the table, and there would be big flaming braziers in the corners of the room, and there would always be people standing in them. Someone would yell out that they were starting a casino, and then another person would yell out "LFG GNOMER," and then finally someone would yell out "Southshore is under attack" and there would be a massive food fight. Then that person would yell out "LFG GNOMER" again, which they would continue to do every few seconds for fifteen minutes. Either the cops would come and break it all up, or the lag would be so bad that half of the people would just leave and go home.

Yeah, I think it would be just like that.

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