Sunday, March 27, 2005

Home storage server

I think that it would be really nice to have my own storage server at home. I could set up folders on my main desktop to be archived onto the storage server, and stuff that I probably didn't need to have on my computer at all, like my music collection, could just be stored on the network. It would have to be just as easy to use as if it were on my own computer; the fact that I can mount network folders into my local file system (as in, C:\Music is really \\meepledrive\Music) would make this possible. Anyway, this is mostly all due to laziness; like every other person on the planet, I don't like backing up. I'd still need to periodically back up my most critical files and take them to another location, but at least I'd be safe from just about everything but a fire.

Maybe my current desktop will become a home server once I get some nice, beefy 64-bit monster in a year or so.

Oh, and Happy Easter. I kinda forgot to set my alarm. Oops.

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