Friday, March 18, 2005

God's Holy Seven-day Forecast

I received an advertisement in the mail for The City Church today, and one side of the advertisement simply read "EVERYBODY GOES TO CHURCH ON EASTER." Wow, if that's not going to convince CURRENT RESIDENT that Jesus Christ died for his or her sins, I don't know what would.

I found this advertisement mildly offensive, because all it really had to say about Easter is that it is an event of mandatory attendance for everyone, especially the person receiving the postcard. Whether or not it has any spiritual significance is irrelevant; you had better be there, you piece of trash. I kind of got the feeling that it was to convince some Hindu family who just moved to the Seattle area and wasn't totally familiar with our customs that they would be out of the loop or ridiculed the Monday following Easter if they didn't show up. "Honey, did you see this? This card says that everybody goes to church on Easter." That's obviously reading between the lines a bit, but I found the advertisement to be quite unpleasant.

See, this is why some people hate Christians. Well, one reason.

They've got a pretty nice-looking home page, though. It makes church look like daytime talk TV; like the choir director is going to say at some point, "and now we'll go to Al for God's Holy Seven-day Forecast." Maybe there aren't any hymns; maybe they've been replaced with music videos. Maybe they have coffee for Communion.


Andy Misle said...

God, it does totally look like a news station. Good call.

stack said...

Hahahahahhahahahhaha...this whole Sex in the City thing that church has going has to be in violation of copyright law in some way.

Travis said...

Yes... luckily for them, churches and schools practically get special license to do what they want with copyright and trademarks, because, well, nobody wants the press to find out they're suing a church.

Anonymous said...

I don't think, in a world where the Catholic church (and justifiably so) is paying millions in civil suit damages, anyone minds being seen publicly suing a church.

Travis said...

Perhaps. But, those are people. I still think that an average corporation would not want it known that they were suing a church. That's not even taking into account the likelihood of a boycott of that business's products or services if it annoyed enough Christians. The Baptists love doing that.