Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Faucets of mystery

I don't understand the bathroom faucets in my apartment. In one bathroom, the hot water scalds almost immediately; you have to turn the hot water just a tiny little bit, and then the cold water at least halfway, if you want some temperature of water that won't melt the flesh off your hands. The faucet in my other bathroom hardly ever even gets warm. It takes so long to notice a change in temperature when you turn the faucet that I can only assume that the pipe goes from the water main to Antarctica and then directly to my faucet. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

You have 2 bathrooms?

Swid said...

My shower is very proud of your bathrooms.

Travis said...

Of course. What if my roommate wanted to use the shower while... oh. Yeah.

Yes, I have two bathrooms. Air conditioning was a requirement in my search for an apartment, and very few apartments around here have it. To get A/C at my complex meant that I had to either get a 2BR/2BA or 3BR/2BA, and I was only looking for two bedrooms. Getting an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom, extra space, and A/C was like $175 more than a 1BR/1BA, which was a no-brainer for me.