Friday, March 25, 2005

Door protocol

Okay, here's another thing that bugs me. When they leave, people who enter your office should return the door to the state it was in when they entered. If the door was closed when you came by to ask me something, close it when you leave. It's that simple. This has been done correctly exactly one-third of the time today. I'm not asking people to maintain a complex state machine or even a stack for the state of my door; just a single "was the door opened or closed when I entered?" mental variable is fine. But, apparently this is just too much for people.


stack said...

I will often ask the person if he/she would like the door open or closed. Many times, I find that the person would like the door in the opposite state as when I entered.

Travis said...

Well, that would be fine, except almost no one does that. And, usually the only time the other person wants it in the opposite state is when they were too lazy to get up and open it themselves.