Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Another Microsoft Word post today, by strange coincidence.

I got an email today from an EclipseCrossword user asking how he could include an interactive crossword puzzle in his Word document. Needless to say (well, probably), I was flabbergasted. But, then again, I guess such a thing would be possible. I mean, people have created games in Excel; creating a crossword puzzle game that worked entirely through Word macros is not outside the realm of sanity. It would even be an interesting little puzzle to solve. But, unfortunately, anybody opening the document would get a macro security warning, which would mean that no sane internet user would ever be able to play the interactive puzzle (though 95% would look right past the warning and let the macros run anyway), and it would be a lot of work for a mere curiosity. But, still, it could be done. I'm sure there's someone in the world motivated enough to build an interactive crossword puzzle in Word.


Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be possible to just embed and ActivX control to the actual crossword puzzel in a Word document with very little effort?

Travis said...

I'd hardly consider it "very little effort." Besides having to develop the ActiveX control (I don't have an ActiveX control laying around that says "show a crossword puzzle and let the user solve it"), you'd then have to figure out how to get that working the way you want in a Word document. I know that Word has some support for embedded ActiveX controls, but I have a feeling that they're not normally interactive. I think that click events would be handled by Word, not the control. And, even after that, you're still going to get security warnings, and that's IF a Word document can actually contain the ActiveX control's code bits... it might only support running controls that are already on the system—in fact, I think that's probably the case.