Friday, February 25, 2005


Our team went to play Whirlyball today as a morale / teambuilding event. It was pretty fun. It was a fairly typical team sport, except played in bumper cars. Not just any bumper cars, but what might be the most difficult-to-control bumper cars I've ever seen. Instead of a steering wheel, these cars had a maddening hand crank. A full 360-degree turn turned the car around 180 degrees. This had the unfortunate side effect that sometimes, turning the crank clockwise would turn you clockwise, and sometimes it would turn you counter-clockwise, depending on which way you turned it last. I sort of got the hang of it by my third of four games. Anyway, our team managed a stellar sixth place out of six teams, thanks mostly to our complete inability to throw the ball using the bizarre scoop apparatus into the goal. I was the "bump the other team out of the way so they get so frustrated that they throw the ball from impossibly far distances" guy, a job I performed decently enough when I managed to successfully control the car, thanks to my... momentum.

Anyway, cool stuff. You're probably never going to have the opportunity to play it, as it's only available in a few states. So, you're just going to have to take my word that it was fun.

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