Saturday, February 5, 2005


I don't eat as healthy as I should, much like pretty much any other guy who lives by himself. At the very least, I try to get some fruits and vegetables into my diet, but I know I'm not getting as much as the % values say I'm supposed to. I prefer fruits and vegetables fresh, which I only eat occasionally, because I buy groceries on a roughly monthly basis, and fresh things don't stay fresh for a month.

The multivitamin cartel says that I need 100% of these five thousand different essential vitamins and minerals every day. (I wonder what % I'm really getting of some of these.) I'm wondering if I would theoretically be "healthier" if I did get 100% of my vitamins every day. But, I'll probably never know. I just can't take multivitamins. I've tried multiple brands, different times of day, eating them as part of a meal; it doesn't matter: any time I take a multivitamin, I get sick to my stomach and feel like throwing up. I don't even know what it means. I've never had heartburn (as far as I know), I don't get sick to my stomach at amusement parks, and spicy foods don't generally cause me any real discomfort. But, something in those five thousand essential whatevers, in every brand that I've tried, destroys me.

The one thing that I know that I need more of is calcium. You're supposed to have quite a bit of calcium a day, but I'm allergic to milk and milk products. Milk is one of the things that will make me sick, but I can now consume it in moderate doses. I take calcium tablets when I remember, but I rarely remember. Maybe I should be more proactive about taking my vitamins. I don't know.

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