Saturday, February 5, 2005


I had some people over to play games (Bohnanza, Coloretto—it's easier to get people to play card games) tonight. It was fun. Before this, we went to Applebee's, which has a wacky special where you get an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for $13. I had the Southwest Combo. Very delicious. That's about all there is to say about today.

Tomorrow's going to be a bit of World of Warcraft, hopefully. I haven't been playing nearly as much as I'd like. And, probably quite a bit of bug fixing. I don't feel compelled to match the performance of my other teammates, since I've already mentioned how arbitrary and useless managing by bug counts is. But, I do feel bad that I really haven't accomplished much this week. I worked on two hard problems to which the team's veterans couldn't find a solution, and found resolutions for neither.

We recently turned in our mid-year review forms. I decided to be completely honest on mine and say that being a developer on the FrontPage team is not really where I see myself in a couple years. I'd MUCH rather be a designer / program manager than someone who codes all day, especially when that code's in a product with a lot of old code, and especially when that code's in C/C++. I'm quite interested in seeing how that blunt honesty works out when I talk with my manager and possibly my manager's manager about it. Frankness is one of the values that Microsoft managers are supposed to care about... that will work to my advantage, as I'm not big on sugar-coating things. I'm almost glad that nobody asks my opinions on the team's management style, because I wouldn't be able to control myself. I'm talking about people management, not product management—I'm very pleased with the way that the FrontPage product is being managed, but I don't like how I'm being managed, even though I like my managers.

Interestingly, I've at least exchanged words with the entire chain of management above me except Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, and I've at least stood a few feet away from Bill. My manager's manager's manager has been the CEO of a major company. I've peed next to this person. That's weird.


Anonymous said...

why is that so weird? he puts his pants on one leg at a time each morning like you do. unless I am mistaken and you put your pants on 2 legs at a time, or he wears a dress.

Travis said...

I just think it's weird that I've actually met people so far up the chain of command from me, and that my office is a few doors down from someone who used to head a multimillion dollar company.