Saturday, February 5, 2005

Labels, part II

I figured I might make a follow-up to the most boring post I've ever made.

Best DVD labels:
The Lion King (just very attractive)
The Matrix series (basically just the very cool movie posters printed to disc)
The Simpsons series (each season is unique and cool, but not all seasons have the season number printed)
The Star Wars series (attractive, distinct, and easy to read)
The X-Files series (each disc has a scene from a memorable episode, so if you remember an episode but not its name or season number, you can often find it just by browsing)

A special award goes to World of Warcraft for the prettiest discs for anything I've ever bought.

Okay, no more of that. I originally thought about scanning them in and posting them, but that's about ten times more work than it's worth.

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