Tuesday, February 8, 2005

I save money on roses

In less than a week it will be my 24th annual Valentine's Day, and much to the upset of my mother, there are no grandchildren in production. This bothers her much more than it does me. Nothing happening on my brother's side of things either; if he has had a girlfriend, it hasn't been for more than a couple weeks, and I tend to think that if you're only with someone for a couple weeks, your status as a couple is kind of retroactively stricken from the record anyway. At least she's got a nephew and a niece to satiate her desires for more children to take care of.

I'll probably spend Valentine's playing Warcraft. Maybe I'll meet some special Night Elf lady in Darnassus and we'll /kiss beneath an Ancient Protector... or at least /flirt. Wouldn't that be romantic?


Swid said...

It seems that my mom brings up my lack of procreation about every three or four times that I talk to her. (She also manages to ask if there's a lady in my life just about every time I talk to her.)

If my mom understood the reference, I'd start calling her Mrs. Wong. :-)

Travis said...

That's okay; I'll just call you Amy.

Henry Schimke said...

I'm going to call both of you "snuggle button" and then enumerate them, so one is "snuggle button 1" and the other "snuggle button 2".