Sunday, February 27, 2005

How to convey unprofessionalism

You know those little cards that sometimes blind and deaf people hand out at airports and grocery stores? They say "I am blind/deaf and cannot work. Please buy this card for $2" or something similar. Usually, on one side, they have that message and scripture, and the other side contains brain teasers if the person is deaf and a Braille reference if the person is blind. (That's a lot of generalizations based on the few times I've seen these cards, but let's move on.)

That would be a great design for a business card. Maybe they could say something like, "I was fired for incompetence and cannot work. Please buy this card for $2 or hire me." I think that, for it to work, you'd have to have the brain teasers or Braille reference on the back, because it's going to be enough of a stretch to figure out your joke.

Another possibility is to just print up a sheet of 12 different business cards. Then, each person you give one to would get something exciting and fresh, or you could tailor the card to the person you're giving it to. Some people might think the "hahaha, make fun of jobless blind and deaf people" card was hilarious, but for others, the "Travis Spomer: Trained Assassin" cards might be more appropriate.

And then, of course, there's the simple and effective:

Level 43 Night Elf Druid

I bet there are people who would interview you if you sent them a résumé with just World of Warcraft character stats listed and no actual job qualifications. If you don't want to go overboard, you could just add "Casino Operator, Ironforge, January 2005 - February 2005. Reason for leaving: Casinos banned by Blizzard." to your list of past employment for a hint of nerd humor. This might be good for, say, a tech job. Not for, say, a dentist's office. Though, my old dentist in Lincoln is probably playing World of Warcraft a lot right now, based on how much he told me about his Neverwinter Nights character.

Funny how all of my posts seem to find their way to Warcraft. It's unhealthy.


Swid said...

Speaking of unhealthy, I had dinner with Rusty and Lincoln last night. About 90% of their conversation the entire evening was about WoW, and when we left, they were arguing about what an appropriate gold/USD exchange rate would be so that Lincoln could pay back the $10 that he owed Rusty.

Travis said...

Lincoln's SELLING GOLD? Why hasn't he informed me of this?

Rusty said...

Licoln also owes me a stack of Mooncloth. It rules.

Anonymous said...

I've never even seen Mooncloth in the game. However, I have had 3 Felcloth drop.

Oh shit, Rusty probably didn't even know about Felcloth.