Thursday, February 10, 2005


I think that frost might be the most beautiful, naturally-occurring phenomenon, as opposed to objects, such as flowers or lakes or Halle Berry. I haven't witnessed the northern lights, but I think that frost beats out things like meteor showers and sunsets and eclipses. When it frosts here, it ranges from light and delicate to big and white and fluffy and shiny, probably because of the mild temperatures and all of the overnight rain. And, the grass stays alive even through February, so you get a nice contrast between the bright green and the shiny white. This morning's ride into work was just great.


Anonymous said...

You should enact some fotos thar.

Travis said...

The problem is that taking my camera to work basically guarantees that I won't see anything interesting that day. I tried it for quite some time. Maybe I just need to get into the habit of taking it every day, and I'll outchance Lady Luck.