Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I just saw the most revolting sight... and those of you who know me know that I'm not easily disturbed. A large man was just walking towards me. The bottom of his obviously-undersized T-shirt matched the top of his pants almost exactly. But, there was about an inch and a half of stomach that fell below the bottom of his shirt, leaving a visible lip of fat in front. I don't normally find the human body unpleasant, even on really ugly people, but this clash of fat and fashionless was just too much. I vomited everywhere.

Well, okay, that last part didn't happen.

Also today was the first time (as far as I can remember) that I felt like Shadowmelding in the hallway. (The Night Elves in Warcraft can Shadowmeld, which makes them invisible when not moving as long as it's nighttime. In World of Warcraft, they can do it during the day as well.) This infiltration of my thoughts happened almost immediately in Doom 3, yet I'm much more obsessed with World of Warcraft than I was Doom. I wonder why this desire to Shadowmeld didn't happen sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I wish you hadn't said that you didn't vomit everywhere. I had this image of you in my head spinning at an ever increasing speed on your segway whilst a constant stream of vomit spewed out thereby covering the fat man in the vomit that he caused.