Saturday, January 15, 2005

Where "box" is a double-entendre

I'm deciding on what the sexiest level of computer knowledge for a woman to have is. I'm thinking of one female co-worker who is actively working on the product, and thus can quote computer science principles and design systems with the rest of us. She games, played Half-Life 2 upon release, and loves action movies. She's pretty hot, too. That's a sexy amount of nerdiness. Then there's another female co-worker. She's a support role, not directly involved with the development of the product. (Being sorta-vague intentionally.) She can order hardware, put together a box from scratch, understand the differences between video cards, and all that. But, other than that, she's pretty normal. She's probably equivalent to an MIS student in quantity of computer knowledge. That's pretty sexy too. I can't really decide which I find more attractive... someone who, on a Friday night, will whip out the instagib shock rifle, or do "normal" girl things.


Tom said...

If she whips out your "instagib shock rifle," that's not entirely un-normal, either.

Travis said...

You think that's normal? You are clearly thinking of someone else.

And instagib? Come on, give me some credit.