Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They're all here

I'm amused whenever I come across some recent graduate at Microsoft who fits some common stereotype from college. There's the blonde sorority girl with the tiny pink vinyl purse and the Nalgene bottle. There's the weird heavy metal guy who wears studded leather necklaces and bracelets. There's the airhead business major who always goes to the tanning salon. There's the emo guy who always looks angry with the thick, black plastic glasses. Then I sit down at lunch and there's studded-leather S&M guy, over at the next table. He's sitting next to quiet 55-year-old Asian guy, obnoxiously loud, overweight black woman, and the rest of their team. It's not that there aren't cliques at work—there most certainly are—or that everyone's a stereotype—those are just examples. I saw all of those people today, and I was thinking about it... it's not really what I expected from the workplace.
I opened my replacement Sidewinder Game Pad Pro today. Oh, how I missed thee.

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Anonymous said...

"...obnoxiously loud, fat black woman..." No real point in being politically correct with that.