Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They should take away my license

Yesterday, as I was Segwaying home from work (a little before 9:00), a coworker pulled up beside me, rolled down his window, and shouted, "hey, your lights are off!"

I found it rather amusing.


Anonymous said...

I find "Segwaying" an amusing very verb.

Travis said...

If you rearrange the words in that comment, it kind of makes sense!

Well, I find it amusing that they took the word "segue," turned it into a proper noun, and then I use another made-up verb to describe the action of transporting yourself on a Segway instead of just using the original verb form. (The other popular verb is "segging," which sounds too much like "pegging.")

clay said...

I love you, Travis Spomer, in all of your grammatical glory. :)