Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A story not from my life

For some reason I remembered this morning a short clip that I saw while browsing TV or waiting for a show or something many years ago. I think it was on MTV. Anyway, it has popped into my mind several times today, so I figured I'd share it. Three girls were in some guy's bedroom (he wasn't there), and they were going through his stuff when they got to his trash can, noticing that its contents are primarily wadded Kleenex.

Girl 1: Girls! Look.
Girl 2: Gross!
Girl 1: Yeah. Ugh.
Girl 3: He must have had a bad cold!
Girls 1, 2: (look at each other, amused)


Matthew Beermann said...

I believe that would be Room Raiders, and it couldn't have been THAT long ago, as it's still on TV.

Travis said...

Well, by "many," I probably meant "three or four." I guess that any number of years ago more than about one seems like a long time ago.