Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sparkling water

Sparkling water. I don't understand how people can drink this stuff. I can quite perfectly understand why people wouldn't want to drink Diet Coke. I happen to like it, though by no means do I happen to think that it's the best-tasting beverage available like so many people think I do. But sparkling water? Why would you do that to yourself?

The stuff is pretty disgustingly popular here. Probably at least half my team drinks it, if not two-thirds. I think that I only met two people in my entire life before coming out here whom I knew drank sparkling water: my grandmother, and one of my mom's coworkers. And that's about what I'd expect, based on the taste: two out of a thousand people can stand the taste of it and somehow force themselves to drink it voluntarily.


Matthew Beermann said...

Statistically unlikely situations at Microsoft? Imagine!

Is it at least the flavored kind? If not, ugh. But it reminds me of Germany, where almost everyone drank sparkling water (when they drank water at all). You had to explictly ask for flat water if you wanted it, and then, they looked at you funny. Me, I think the stuff is just difficult to drink, and my mother swears it makes her ankles swell.

Travis said...

Most of them drink the flavored kind, at least. But probably a third of them drink the "Natural" "flavor," which I believe is just the carbonated ass-water.

Anonymous said...

in Deutschland soll mann seiner Mineral Wasser mit Apfelsaft trinken, damit schmeckt es viel besser!