Friday, January 14, 2005

Rhetorical question and more

Why can't I manage to get a reasonable amount of sleep?

It's funny when a white person performs a rap song written by a black person and contains "my niggas" somewhere in the lyrics.

People who disrupt traffic to be "nice" when driving suck. It's more understandable when I'm on my Segway since I'm legally a pedestrian, but it still makes the person that the niceness was for feel kind of weird, and it pisses off the people behind you unnecessarily.


Anonymous said...

I hate when I begin crossing a W I D E road and the car on the other side turning right doesn't. It pisses me off incredibly. Mostly because they are so goddamn bad at extrapolating position. I mean, come on--I'm fucking WALKING across four+one lanes and they are in a CAR. And there are no traffics to interfere with their turn. GOD. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Distance across road d at time t:

d(t) = rand() * width, t < t_final;
d(t) >= width, t >= t_final.

Note: Blogger™ sucks. It doesn't accept <var> OR <sub>.

Travis said...

Yeah, I hate that too. I also hate it when they wait, then I start crossing (at 3-4x the normal pedestrian speed), and THEN they start turning, right in front of me.

Washington law says that for a turning car to go through a crosswalk, there must be no pedestrians on that side of the yellow line OR in the next lane over, which seems kind of excessive. But, I sincerely doubt that those people are just remembering back to the driver's manual.