Saturday, January 8, 2005


Yay, I own stock now. I bought $3,083.19 in Microsoft stock, to be precise. Now I can finally complain every time our stock price goes down.

I don't really have any plans for this stock. I'll probably just use it as a short-term investment; maybe to be saved up for a down payment on a house or something. That just sounds so bizarre. I also need to figure out what I'm doing with my 401(k), which I still haven't started. I'll be paying off a big chunk of the money I owe in a week (I have to finish paying for my speakers). My tuition was paid for when the bills came, and never amounted to that much, and I bought my Segway out of pocket. The only thing left to pay for is my furniture. After that I'm back in the realm of near-complete financial freedom, much faster than your average new college graduate, I suppose. Not having a girlfriend/family/car/student loan rules.


Anonymous said...

ah, that's your reason for not having a girlfriend. And you still have a family unless you killed them. Have you been holding back on telling us that story?

Travis said...

Well, yes, I do technically have a family. I guess what I meant to say is that "not having a significant other, spouse, dependent children, automobile, or outstanding student loan rules."