Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More randomness

I don't really mean for these wacky rapid-fire posts to become the new norm; it's just coincidence that I've had a lot of random little thoughts and nothing deep.

I've gotten so many emails from Dotster (my domain registrar) about how they're not going to send out so many emails when your domains are about to expire anymore that it has moved past the stage of hilarious irony and into irritating sadness.

Sometimes I forget how awesome some of my old favorite CDs are. Details by Frou Frou is one of those. (Where "old" is probably less than two years, but it's a favorite nonetheless.) In fact, until recently, I had sort of forgotten how enjoyable it can be to listen to full albums instead of just shuffling through some massive playlist with enough music to last for almost a week without pause. The artists usually knew what they were doing when they put those songs in that order. I think that a clever way of implementing a library-wide shuffle would be to pick out entire albums, play them in their entirety (or skipping those couple songs you don't like, maybe), and then moving on to the next album.

I got a tire gauge today and checked my Segway. The sticker on the wheel says that the tires should be inflated to 15 PSI. I read the pressure on both tired (and double-checked), and they came out to about 5.5 PSI each. Now, I don't know much about tire pressure. But I thought I'd notice when the tires have a third as much air pressure as they were supposed to have. Guess it's time to find a gas station.

I have a dream to be reading the news one day, and see an exposé that reveals that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or Pieces; it's all good) were in fact not compressed sugar and fat, but rather compacted vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals.


Brad Smith said...

I think most jukebox apps allow for shuffle by album. I know for sure that iTunes does (it's in the Advanced prefs).

Travis said...

Hmmm... it's possible in Windows Media Player, but requires three clicks (turn on shuffle, sort by album, turn off shuffle) and is not at all easy to discover. I don't think it's possible in Winamp at all without writing a plugin.

Kerjo said...

So, you mean Reese's /aren't/ packed with things that are good for you?


That explains quite a bit.