Sunday, January 30, 2005


I had an idea... again, not something I've put a lot of thought into yet: maybe what it means to like or dislike a genre of music is two things: (1) it sets your basic expectations for a song if you don't have any prior experience with the artist, and (2) it sets a cutoff for how good a song has to be for you to like hearing it. Rap and hip-hop are not some of my favorite genres. However, there are quite a few rap and hip-hop songs that I love, and I like them just as much as any others in my list of favorite songs. There just aren't any rap songs that I "sorta" like on my playlist, in contrast with quite a few pop/rock songs that I sorta like on my list. Similarly, I don't really like jazz, but I was just thinking about how much I really like "Anonymous Skulls" by Medeski, Martin, and Wood, even though I have almost no jazz on my playlist.

I don't think I have any country that I like, though. There are a couple folkish Jewel songs on there, and a few Shakira songs that sound an awful lot like country. Rap and jazz used to be my least favorite genres. Now I think country is.

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