Saturday, January 22, 2005

eFile rules

Doing my Washington taxes took about four minutes. You create an online account with the Department of Revenue, which takes a couple minutes, almost all of which are spent looking for a tiny code hidden on the Where's Waldo? page they send you. (It might also be a tax form; I'm not sure.) You then click "File Return," and then "File No Business Return," and then click "Submit." Hooray for technology.

That reminds me... I assume that I won't get to use to file my taxes online for free this year (but highly recommended if you're a poor college student). I'll still probably use TurboTax. That's how they get ya.

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Luke said...

If I worked in Washington over the summer but reside in Nebraska:

1) Washington doesn't have income tax...therefore would I have to file anything with the state?