Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Absolutely bizarre

A strange thing happened to me today. I hadn't compiled my last three days' worth of work on Friday, so I set a build to go overnight. When I came in today (Monday was a Microsoft holiday—New Year's), there were no compile errors. I moved some stuff around and got one, a simple naming conflict. Then I ripped out my old code that this new, rearchitected code was meant to replace, integrated it, and compiled again. No errors. In the end, what amounted to about four days' worth of work had just a couple compile errors. This isn't C# or VB or something where I get nice little squiggly lines, this is C++ so full of #defines and special compiler steps that Visual Studio sometimes can't even parse it. Normally I write C++ by compile errors... oh, that's not where "static" goes? Move and recompile. Oh, that can't be __stdcall? Change to __cdecl and recompile. Initially I thought that I had just forgotten to include my new code in (what is essentially) the makefile.

Just weird. I'm used to long periods of time with no errors in VB, because you get constant IDE feedback. But in C++, for me, that's unheard of.


Anonymous said...

It tends to happen from time to time if you have programmed long enough. I remember my fist time ... that Scheme code was just beautiful.

Travis said...

I find it interesting that you call programming "fist time."

Anonymous said...

that is an interesting Freudian slip, but then again writing code can sometimes be like getting fucked in the ass.