Saturday, December 25, 2004

With a guest appearance by Tyrael

Last night I had a dream about World of Warcraft. Not only about it, but I was my character (except I was human) in Azeroth.

I was a human druid wandering around in a party of about six in what looked suspiciously like Rohan. Even though the dream was not cartoon-styled like Warcraft, people still walked around with their names above their heads, and people who wanted to talk to me still had orange question marks and exclamation points over their heads. Anyway, it was a short dream: after I was there for a couple minutes, I heard people yelling, and the Horde had arrived. (The Horde in my dream were also humans... apparently the special effects department in my dreams can't afford orc makeup.) My party and I snuck out through a passage in the back, and then circled around to the front of the town. All of the buildings were decimated; equipment destroyed, people slaughtered, ground scorched. Standing out front was Archangel Tyrael from Diablo II (I love celebrity cameos) who expressed his distaste for what had happened. Once we were all free, he destroyed the town, and we ran into the hills, where the dream ended.

So, there we go. I'm only slightly embarrassed about having that dream.

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clay said...

You should not be embarrassed. Hell, I had a dream about Lincoln's WoW character, and I don't even play the game. In fact, our dreams were remarkably similar. Lincoln's little gnome had decided to join in on an attack on the Horde's stronghold (which was a lot like Stormwind Keep), but during the attack he got separated from the rest and ended up trapped behind the walls as night fell. Of course, this is all live action, with little red names floating above the heads of the orc scouts that almost found him (who were also human, as I recall. Go figure.) One even had a dog, which added extra stress to the dream.

Don't know what happened to him...I left him in a pine tree in some garden somewhere, trying not to be sniffed out by the dog.