Thursday, December 2, 2004

Wet, naked, confused

Today, after getting out the shower and drying off a bit, I went to my computer to turn up the volume so I could hear my music (the World of Warcraft soundtrack) better from the bathroom. As I was standing there, naked and somewhat wet, my front door opened, and someone called out "MAINTENANCE! Here to wipe down your windows and sinks." Startled, I ran back to the bathroom and called out that I was still here, had just gotten out of the shower, and was not yet dressed. He just said, "oh, okay, I'll start in the living room then." So, I had to wrap a towel around my candy zone and sneak back to my bedroom so I could get dressed, all while a man is in my apartment doing something or another. I still have no clue why he was there... he didn't appear to do anything at all, and he was gone in about two minutes. The only thing that was different when he left was that there was a weird chemical scent all over the parts of apartment where he had been. There was already a pre-announced sinks-and-windows safety check this past Tuesday, and I know they had been in the apartment for that, because their shoes weren't particularly clean.

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