Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I've noticed that, more and more, while in my apartment by myself, I've begun saying totally random things out loud in the Unreal Tournament announcer voice. I mean, nobody else hears me yell out "eeeeee-lec-tricity!" or "panda furrr!" for no good reason, but perhaps I should be worried that it will soon turn into a public bad habit, and in the middle of a dev meeting in a few months I'll just yell out "turtle dick!" or something. It's like a nerd-specific version of Tourette's.

On a side note, I wonder why I originally mistyped "voice" as "avoid." That's quite the typo.


stack said...

i once saw a personalized license plate with "syzygy" on it.

coolest word ever.

Anonymous said...

i once saw a personalized plate that was "AAAAAAA". it might have been just "AAAAAA". in either case, it was cooler still.

and about the announcer... i think i may have been saying things to myself for the past day. i can't be sure though, it may be that what i've been saying since reading the post i've now confused with the past day. but, i do know that yesterday a complaint was launched against the insanely annoying Start Navigation sound and i thought it'd be cool to have it be the ut2003 suuuuuper eager shitmale announcer screaming "STAAAAARRT NAVIGAAATION!!" each time you clicked on a thing.

Anonymous said...

Here in Aurora there's a license plate that reads "ZZZZZZZ". The guy who owns the car is an anesthesiologist.

Travis said...

Well, you know, you can turn off Start Navigation. I like it on.