Friday, December 31, 2004

Spot the syntax errors

This took me a good five minutes to figure out. There are two syntax errors here:

class PersistentCache
    PersistentCache(CServiceDoc* pService);
    // ...

class PersistentCacheFile
    PersistentCacheFile(PersistentCache* pCache, CString szRelativeUrl);
    // ...

...and Firefox has a horrid bug with Ctrl+C often not actually copying text to the clipboard that destroys me.


stack said...

silly mispellings.

Travis said...

I assume that "mispellings" was a clever joke. (It's "misspellings.")

One of my dreams is to create my own programming language eventually, and one of its features would be that spaces would be allowed in identifiers. So, for example, that class could be called "Persistent cache." That way, the identifier could be spell-checked. Of course, had I been writing in VB or C#, I would have been notified of the unknown class by a squiggle, but not if I misspelled it everywhere, and not in C++ code that's so full of #defines and custom build rules that Visual Studio can't make heads or tails of it.