Saturday, December 4, 2004

Sometimes I hate contract work

I'm currently rather annoyed at a major textbook company. I can't say who it is, as they want their plans to remain confidential right now, but I did a little contract work for them that was due November 30. The problem was that after I signed the contract, the person I was dealing with became pretty much unreachable, and didn't respond to any of my further emails or calls. This, of course, pissed me off. To make sure that I fulfilled my end of the bargain (only in a technical sense), I sent a package that met the requirements of the project to the letter, even though they hadn't answered my questions about what they actually wanted, as the contract was vague. (At least it wasn't vague in a way that could potentially make the project more complicated than it seemed.) I finally got a response today as to what they want... they had better not try to screw me out of payment by saying that it's after November 30 and therefore they don't have to pay. I really don't want to have to deal with that.

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