Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Snow Patrol, Keane

Yes, another music post. I've been listening to Final Straw by Snow Patrol a ton recently; it's the only thing that's been able to pull me away from The Postal Service. It's quite wonderful. I'd describe the style as unusually and genuinely emotional rock. I'm not talking about something that one would describe as "emo" or some pop group that's trying to make teenage girls swoon; this album seems to show a heartfelt soul that I guess I just wasn't expecting. In contrast, I've also listened to Hopes and Fears by Keane, and it's disappointing by comparison. It's okay—it sounds a lot like the group Travis, which I overall like—but it's more cheery and sappy and fake when compared to the other CDs I've recently been listening to by Snow Patrol and The Postal Service. I have to admit that I was pretty worried when I walked by Homer's while in Lincoln and saw a big Keane / Hopes and Fears poster in the window; I tend to not like music that I see posters of, especially when they're in record stores. I don't know why that is. Anyway, if Britpop is your thing, then you'll find something to like in the Keane CD. In fact, most of the songs will end up in my rotation, but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from Snow Patrol. Great album, and I think that it would appeal to anyone who likes just about any kind of rock.

As a side note, I picked up Remixed and Revisited by Madonna, which is essentially an EP of remixes and reinterpretations of songs mostly from her last album. This particular CD is interesting in that several of the remixes make the songs less electronic than the originals, by replacing synthesizers and dance beats with guitars and more traditional rhythms. I'm kind of a sucker for non-retarded, non-techno remixes and alternate versions of songs; if I liked the original, I'll probably like an alternate version too, and it's nice to have the added variety. Anyway, it's decent stuff, but not something that I'd want to pay full album price for.

That's it for music for now. Next up are an older CD by The Roots and perhaps the new CD by Blondie... I have no clue what to expect from that.

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