Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I just got bitch-slapped by Raymond Chen, one of the more well-known-in-the-real-world engineers at Microsoft (well, at least I had heard of him long before working here). Not quite crashing into Bill's car in the parking lot, but getting there.

I was lamenting publicly that the taskbar was not friendly enough to power users—for example, you can't reorder taskbar buttons... and he doesn't even like programs that minimize to the tray. Or, calling the System Notification Area the "tray," for that matter.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, how is that a bitch slap?

Travis said...

The actual bitch-slapping happened via email. I can't really just share out internal emails on my blog.

Travis said...

(That said, I fully understand your comment. That post sucked.)