Wednesday, December 8, 2004

New music

Well, I've started going through my new music for December (and very likely the first part of January). A while back I ordered >40 CDs so that I'd always have new music to listen to when I wanted to. So, I've been through the first few CDs, with mediocre results.

World of Warcraft soundtrack—I've actually been quite pleased with this. The compositions are solid and interesting... it's just too bad that it's blatantly obvious in parts that it's all synthesized instruments. I can pick out the General MIDI "Choir Ooh" instrument in one of the tracks.

BeyoncĂ© - Dangerously in Love—R&B and rap are usually close to the bottom of the barrel for me. I got this CD for $7, which was about the most I'd want to pay for it. Overall it's okay; much of it isn't that appealing to me, but about half of the songs are pretty decent and worth adding to my permanent rotation.

Chevelle - Wonder What's Next—I really enjoy their most popular single (AFAIK), "Send the Pain Below." This was another $7 CD, and again, that's about what it was worth. That track is fantastic, and the rest are pretty evenly "okay." My biggest complaint about the CD is that the songs all sound too similar. Maybe I'm just not enough of a connoisseur of hard rock to notice the subtleties. Or something.

In between listening to those CDs, I've been playing tracks from the Postal Service CD, Give Up, with ridiculous frequency, especially "Nothing Better." There's a funny story that goes along with that, but it requires too much context to make it funny. Let's just say that it involves Matthew, Lincoln, and I, and yet another wacky "coincidence." I seriously can't stop listening to this song. I haven't been this obsessed with a song since "Good Luck" on Basement Jaxx's latest CD. Which reminds me...

The next CD in my listening extravaganza is Snow Patrol - Final Straw, which I bought after hearing a track on the airplane. I think this one has excellent promise. (In the meantime, am I right to think that there could be nothing better than making you my bride and slowly growing old together?) After that, I have eight more albums waiting for me, and ten more sitting on my desk begging to be ripped. I'm a bad person.

Now it's time for Dawn of War. One of these nights, I'm going to try sleeping.

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