Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Every Thursday, I play board games with a group of generally entertaining people at Microsoft, the Thursday Evening Board Gamers. I always have a really good time. Recently, a small group of people, mostly recent graduates, started a smaller game night on Tuesdays a few feet from my office. I was kind of excited tonight to find out that one of the guys I can't stand was not in attendance, so I decided to stay for a game. About five minutes in, I heard the late-arriving awful whining voice, and he sat down next to me. I wanted to cry.

As soon as the game was over and I made a cursory attempt to help pick up, I retreated to my office. Apparently I wasn't hiding the fact that I was getting the hell away from those people very well; as soon as I walked in, my officemate (still there at 9:30) asked:

Joe: What's wrong?
Me: Just avoiding the bane of my existence. I was so happy when I found out he wasn't there, and then he showed up, and I can't get away.
Joe: Your bane is out there?
Me: Well, one of them.
Joe: How can you have so many banes already? You just started here.

It's kind of disheartening, because two of the people out of the nine were just fine (casino night guy and another normal-ish guy). I don't know. The rest are like chess club stereotypes; the type of people who make me sad that I usually use "nerd" as a positive adjective for myself.

During the game, my manager's manager, whom I called "Older Brian Kell" (because he looks pretty similar and reminds me of Kell in many ways, even down to owning a white shirt drawn with black marker) as an intern, stopped by and told me how much he's loving World of Warcraft. It's very cool that my manager and my manager's manager are both gamers. I can accept a lot of peoples' crazy hobbies, and am even finally getting to a point where I can sort of understand sports lovers, but I really don't get non-gamers. It's like not liking music or something.

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