Tuesday, December 7, 2004

My crazy ears

I'm sure most of you have noticed, my ears are quite messed-up. They're almost completely hard cartilage, instead of the mostly-soft ears of a normal human. They weren't always this way. It started happening spontaneously about five years ago, and even after surgery, they were much less noticeable than they are now—there was much more "soft" and much less "deformed" then. It's something really similar to cauliflower ear, except I was never a boxer or wrestler or otherwise punched in the ear. The weird thing is that everyone noticed back then. People in the grocery store would ask me if I was a wrestler all the time... probably a couple times a week. Every time I'd get a haircut from a new person they'd ask me if I was a wrestler, or at least "how it happened." Now, I get nothing. No one's mentioned it in the past couple years. I have two possible explanations: at first, it was just my left ear. Since my left ear was significantly different from my right ear, it seemed more odd. Now, my left ear sags down a little more than my right ear, but they both look pretty equivalent. Maybe it only looked strange by comparison. My other potential explanation is that since the deformity was more mild back then, it seemed more acceptable to talk about it. Now that it's more obviously deformed, people don't want to bring it up. Like, for some reason, it's okay to ask someone in a leg cast what happened to them, but one would never ask someone in a wheelchair "hey, cripple, what happened to your legs?"


stack said...

until this post, i had never given your ears any thought; i had, however, seen them, and recorded them in memory.

i think my brain doesn't work correctly.

Kerjo said...

I didn't even notice them as being different from "normal" ears.