Friday, December 17, 2004


Tonight, I took a small card with the text "STUPID!" written on it with me when I went to play games. I come prepared. I waited all night, and finally the guy to my left misread the cards on the table, causing him to gain a lot of points (points are bad in 6 Nimmt). At this point I silently passed the card to him, which caused him to laugh and then crumple the card and throw it at my face. About three minutes later I made essentially the same mistake, and the guy across the table picked up the crumpled card from where it bounced off my face and passed it to me. I fell from being in first place for the entire game to third (out of five), with the guy to my left kicking my ass into the ground.

Karma. Seeing peoples' reactions when I pulled a card from my pocket that said "STUPID!" was so worth it, though.

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