Friday, December 31, 2004

Impossible statistics

I have a fascination with nearly-impossible-to-calculate statistics. Right now, I'm wondering what the total value of all of the abandoned technology sitting in the hallways of all of the Microsoft buildings is. I'm sure it's astronomical. Some people use the hallways as their own temporary storage, and a lot of people put stuff that they don't want out there in the misguided expectation that some technology fairy will come by and pick it up for them. (Usually one of the administrative assistants ends up relocating it when they need to pull a beer cart through, or sometimes an annoyed coworker will report it to maintenance to have it removed.)

Right now, there are four monitors, all approximately 21", and five computers sitting in the hallway visible from my office. On my way to the cafeteria I passed by two more monitors, one more computer, and an incalculable number of keyboards, mice, hubs, and KVM switches. There are three unused computers and two keyboards sitting around in my office... maybe I should give them company.

I really wish people wouldn't call my officemate at a time when probably 95% of the company is on vacation.

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