Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Birthday what?

This had to have been the least fanfare for a birthday I've ever had. I don't mind; it's just different. 21 is, of course, the biggest birthday since 16. 22 sort of matters because you're not 21 anymore. But 23 is completely insignificant, just like 24 will be. I guess that's something to add to the list of stuff that used to matter a lot but doesn't really matter anymore.


Henry Schimke said...

hmm, but there's always 30... And eventually you'll turn 40. Those two KINDA matter. I think, basically, the decades are important at this point.

Travis said...

Yeah, 25 (I go from "adult according to the government" to "adult according to major corporations") and the decades matter. And I suppose ~65 or whenever I retire does too. That's depressing.