Friday, December 3, 2004

At a loss for terminology

What do you call people who work at the same company as you, but you don't interact with them for work-related purposes? For example, basically all of my friends here work for Microsoft, but I don't interact with those outside of the FrontPage team in order to increase shareholder value. For a while I would call them "coworkers," but I guess they're not really coworkers at all, any more than a person at McDonald's Store #020 would be for a person at McDonald's Store #032. I suppose that they're just people I'm friends with who happen to work at the same company as me, but it seems like there should be a word for that.


Luke said...


wnorton said...

co-people :)

Travis said...

Yeah, "colleagues" and "associates" were the best terms that came to mind, but those imply a business relationship, whereas I know these people for personal reasons only.