Monday, November 22, 2004

Want you to want me

You know, it sucks when you like someone more than they like you. I'm not talking exclusively romantic interests here; I'm just talking about friends in general. It also sucks, though, when someone else likes you more than you like them. I know all sorts of people that fit into this category for one reason or another, just like I know that there are certain people that I really like for whom I'm not all that exciting.

Clearly, many of these people don't realize that I don't really like them all that much back. I can tell this based on the way that they behave(d). This got me thinking: I know some people like me less than I like them, but how many people are there like this that I don't even know about? It's enough to make a paranoid, obsessive person... well... even more paranoid and obsessive.


Henry Schimke said...

Well aren't you delightfully cryptic.

stack said...

So...when you punch me in the face all the time, it's not a sign of affection?