Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sleepless in Lincoln

It's fun being back in Lincoln for a few days. I'm glad to be around all my old friends again, even though it's not quite as familiar as I was expecting. I guess people change quite a bit in half a year. I kind of wish that there were people at work that I was as anxious to be back with as I was with the Kauffman crew. Anyway, I'm enjoying being the center of attention for the time being, despite it being a little awkward.

I also haven't been around drunk people for a while.

Not that the FrontPage crew isn't interesting, it's just that being in the corporate environment kind of prevents the kind of raucous behavior that I got used to in Kauffman, despite Microsoft being a really casual place. At lunch or at a restaurant it's a little more interesting.

Of course, it hurts being here when my Half-Life 2 is in Washington. I could probably borrow someone's copy here, but it just wouldn't be the same without my own computer. (Without the >$4,000 investment I put into audio and video hardware specifically for the game, I mean. :)

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stack said...

I demand that you terminate the last set of parentheses!