Friday, November 5, 2004

A matter of principle

On August 27th, 2003, I placed an order with CompUSA (then "GameFixx") for Half-Life 2 with overnight shipping for the combined total of $50.00 plus tax. In 2004, I called to get the order switched to my new address; as much as I like Scott and Bob, I would rather the game get shipped to me than them. But, they told me that the order could not be changed or cancelled because it had already been placed. Absurdly long story short, after many calls and emails, I have gotten them to honor the original price of $50.00 plus tax, shipped to my new address. I estimate that I spent at least an hour getting them to do this. But, it's a matter of principle. As a customer nice enough to place an order nearly 15 months in advance, I think that I should be entitled to the courtesy of them honoring the original details of the transaction, even if it means going to all of the work of modifying the address on the order.

I foresee the Tuesday after next being a very short workday. In fact, I'm considering coming in at 4:00 am just so I can leave by noon and have already put in eight hours.


Anonymous said...

awesome idea. i wish i could do that with classes.


Kerjo said...

It comes out on a _Tuesday_? Haha, hmm. That could very well be a no class day for me.