Thursday, November 11, 2004

I hate King Charles II

I took one of those online religion surveys (the Belief-O-Matic, to be precise) today. My entire family, including both my mother's side and my father's side, is conservative Protestant. I don't believe exactly what they do, and my beliefs certainly don't align incredibly well with the ultra-conservative Southern Baptists, the denomination of my church in Lincoln. One of my beliefs doesn't require me to ally myself with any particular denomination of Christianity. :) I expected the survey to suggest some liberal branch of Protestantism. Mainline to liberal Protestantism was, in fact, the #2 option listed for me (97%). My #1 option (100%) surprised me.

According to the survey, I should be an Orthodox Quaker. That's right, the group that left England for the New World after persecution for their beliefs—the guys you learned about in your U.S. History classes. In fact, the article listing their beliefs on BeliefNet describes what I believe fairly accurately. It's certainly not an exact match (in fact, the article about liberal Protestants seemed more correct, though only because it was incredibly vague), but it's interesting because I never really considered the Quakers / Society of Friends as an actual option. There is one Quaker church ("Friends meeting") in the area, right on the border of the University of Washington in Seattle. I'm going to have to go there sometime... I wonder if I need to rent a powdered wig.


stack said...

Why do all my answers end with "Or not sure. Or not important."...?

stack said...

Looks like I should be a Unitarian Universalist. It matches up pretty well with my beliefs...except that whole me-not-liking-organized-religion-because-I-think-it's-silly thing.

Travis said...

Well, if you don't like organized religion, then Unitarianism is the way for you. My dad's boss's family is Unitarian, and his wife teaches a quilting class for Sunday School. Not, like, Quilting for Jesus, or Ancient Hebrew Quilting, or Quilting to End World Hunger, just quilting.

Anonymous said...

i'm supposed to be a Quaker too! hmmm, knowing me, i don't think that is right...
1. Orthodox Quaker (100%)
2. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (92%)

-Meagan L.

Anonymous said...


I should most definitely be a Hindu (100%) or a Mahayana Buddhist (74%). The nearest Christianity (which I still like, don't get me wrong) were the Liberal Quakers, with 62%.