Friday, November 26, 2004

Back home

I'm back in Redmond now. I really enjoyed my vacation, even if it is a little disturbing to be burning money at the rate of about $100 a day. But, hey, it was paid vacation, and I make significantly more than $100 a day, so I don't really even know what to think about that.

There are a lot of things I miss about Kauffman life, about which I hath verily already bloggèd. There are, of course, many things that I do not miss about life in Kauffman:

  • working really hard for nothing other than a warm fuzzy feeling that never, ever comes, since grades are essentially meaningless and have fairly little to do with how much work you put into a particular class
  • the simply magical water in the showers that actually reduces the level of moisture in your skin upon contact (perhaps this led to the invention of "water" that isn't wet?)
  • the burlap cheese grater furniture
  • the carefully orchestrated effort by all departments in the University to successfully avoid fixing anything in a timely manner (three years with no real wireless, the chairs that disappeared long ago from the lounges, the filthy furniture, et cetera ad nauseum)

Anyway, I'm sure I could bitch for hours, and I don't really want to right now, so I'm done. A special shout-out to my hosts Matt (who didn't actually volunteer his living room, as far as I can remember) and James (who had to have been quite surprised the next morning). I kind of wish that people would have been less busy, but it wasn't too bad, and there aren't too many times in the year when people in Kauffman aren't busy. I also successfully met almost no freshmen, which was kind of weird.

I can finally play Half-Life 2.

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