Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Party time

Well, I just finished filling out my ballot. I'm currently registered Republican, but maybe I should change my party... here's how it turned out:

Democrat: 7 votes, including President and Governor
Republican: 3 votes
Libertarian: 3 votes
Nonpartisan: 6 votes

I actually read about the positions of each and every person I voted for, which kind of makes me feel like a good citizen or something. I just hope that John F. Anything-But-Bush manages to pull this off...

Oh yeah, and the position of one of the candidates was to put an end to internet pornography. First of all, OH HOLY CRAP NO, and second of all, how do you think you're going to manage that? Washington Secretary of Whatever is somewhat different than Emperor and All-Powerful Arbiter of Earth. I try not to vote for stupid people, and that includes people who use ten or more consecutive exclamation points in their personal biography.

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